Survey, Excavation and Monitoring

Survey, excavation and monitoring works offer the opportunity to investigate, record and recover heritage information. Fieldwork investigations are a vital source of new knowledge, and they are often a requirement of government development approvals. We believe that a heritage investigation and reporting program founded on well-designed research objectives gives you the best outcomes.

With Aboriginal, historical and maritime heritage specialists on staff, we can tailor the best package of services for any given project and we can manage anything that may be uncovered during fieldwork assessments.

Our staff are well versed in occupational health and safety in challenging environments due to our extensive experience in remote fieldwork programs for mining and exploration resources. Our portfolio of urban projects has given us experience working productively alongside heavy machinery, busy infrastructure routes and in public spaces, without compromise to safety.

Our in-field capabilities include:

  • Aboriginal and historical heritage surveys – anthropological and archaeological assessments
  • Archaeological excavation for Aboriginal and historical heritage
  • Monitoring of disturbance works
  • Maritime archaeological surveys
  • GIS mapping
  • Drone footage and photogrammetry
  • On-site and interactive heritage inductions
  • Site condition audits

For an introduction to heritage management frameworks, or to learn a bit more about Australian cultural heritage in general, visit our resource page.

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