Desktop Assessments and Management Plans

Archae-aus provides desktop studies and management tools for Aboriginal, historical and maritime cultural heritage. Whether you are a community group that wants to document local heritage or a project manager for a redevelopment scheme, it is important to first understand the full scope of heritage values for the area in question. Engaging a heritage specialist to undertake desktop research is the first step in achieving this.

Desktop assessments summarise heritage values, identify gaps in knowledge and provide advice on what legislation or codes are relevant to their management. Management plans outline the protocols and procedures needed to navigate these obligations. Our advice is always given with international best practice principles in mind to ensure you can build your project on a strong foundation of sustainability.

Depending on your specific requirements, we can produce a range of desktop assessment, risk-analysis and due diligence tools, such as:

  • Desktop assessments and gap analysis
  • Predictive modelling for archaeological site location
  • Significance assessment reviews
  • Management and interpretation plans
  • Heritage inductions and procedures

For an introduction to heritage management frameworks, or to learn a bit more about Australian cultural heritage in general, visit our resource page.

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