Advice and Approvals

With over two decades of experience, Archae-aus has the breadth and depth of knowledge to guide you through any heritage process. We will give you robust advice about the laws and management frameworks that protect heritage, and how they relate to your project or community. Our advice and work programs are designed to help you achieve your project milestones by following best practice principles. By understanding the laws and best practice principles that apply to Australian cultural heritage, we can help you to manage heritage projects with confidence.

Whilst no project is too small, we do have a reputation for managing complex projects and helping our clients steer a project back on track.

Our cultural heritage advice and approvals services include:

  • Community and government liaison
  • Government submissions and permits - section 16 & section 18 applications, HISF submissions, GHPDP advice and applications
  • Native Title claims advice
  • Heritage policy development and Reconciliation Action Plans
  • Project Review – audits, expert witness, previous work reviews

For an introduction to heritage management frameworks, or to learn a bit more about Australian cultural heritage in general, visit our resource page.

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