Archae-aus consists of a team of highly motivated professionals who have a keen interest in uncovering and understanding Australia’s past.

Our team members possess degrees in archaeology and have significant practical field experience throughout Australia.

In addition to our full time archaeological staff we regularly hire other discipline specialists as required.

Our team includes the following personnel:

Fiona Hook (MAACAI, MAICD)
Managing Director

Fiona is the Managing Director of Archae-aus and is a prominent figure in Australian archaeology as the president of the Australian Archaeological Association (AAA) and an adjunct lecturer at the University of Western Australia. She has also held presidency of Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (AACAI).

Fiona specialises in both Aboriginal and European heritage, with 24 years of cultural heritage management experience working alongside other consultancies, such as environmental and technical services as well as contributing to Environmental Impact Statements. Owing to her extensive experience in community consultation and project management, she assists stakeholders in identifying then managing their risks associated with cultural heritage. Fiona has designed and implemented Cultural Heritage Management Plans for large scale projects such as Gorgon Gas Development in the Pilbara; broad scale heritage assessment programmes for the State, such as Ord Stage II; and for private industry such as Pilbara Iron’s Paraburdoo and Channar Mines. She has also developed heritage induction and education workshops, as well as led excavation programmes in urban redevelopment projects in the Perth area.

Through Fiona, Archae-aus has been awarded Federal grants and partnerships in major research projects (see our Research and Development page for details on these exciting projects). She regularly presents papers at international and Australian conferences and has published articles that she writes while running Archae-aus and looking after her family. She is also a published archaeological illustrator.


Kate Edwards

Kate has worked as an archaeologist at Archae-aus since 2009, having completed an undergraduate degree in Archaeology and a Masters in Osteoarchaeology from the UK. Kate has led major Aboriginal heritage projects in the northwest (such as Roy Hill Iron Ore, FMG Pilbara resources and Aboriginal Corporations) and co-led projects in the south-west (Alcoa). She was the project leader on the FMG Christmas Creek / Cloudbreak project for three years, providing heritage assessment and working closely with the Nyiyaparli traditional owners; and was Project leader on the Roy Hill Iron Ore project, providing heritage assessment, advice and leading excavations. Kate applies her strong spatial-analysis skills to the application of GIS and CAD software in archaeological projects, and has developed effective processes and systems to manage the output of high intensity projects. She is an excavation specialist, having designed, implemented and analysed excavations for many archaeological sites, including that of an extensive rock shelter program for the Roy Hill project in the Pilbara.

In her capacity as Cultural Heritage Manager at Archae-aus, Kate is also responsible for business development and client liaison, which includes meeting prospective and existing clients and getting to know the projects as they evolve. She provides support for the Archae-aus team to develop new ideas and ways to refine services as well as overseeing the field teams and scheduling.

Alongside her interests in Australian archaeology, Kate has also continued her osteoarchaeological studies. Her projects have included the application of scanning technology for the digital re-articulation of the extinct “marsupial lion” Thylacoleo, as well as expanding on her Masters thesis and presenting at the International Congress of Physiological Anthropology and the Australasian Society of Human Biology Conference.

Jim Stedman
Project Officer

Jim has worked as an archaeologist for 18 years, focussing on Western Australian Aboriginal and European heritage for the last 14 years. He gained his undergraduate degree in Archaeology from the UK and a Masters in Maritime Archaeology from UWA (WA), whilst also taking positions as assistant curator at the Maritime Museum and as research project manager at the archaeological consultancy at UWA. He has worked across the country, leading projects in many different industries over the years and so is able to provide our clients broad insight into Australian cultural heritage management.

Jim has been the lead specialist for Archae-aus on projects of varying scale, including green field exploration projects working alongside Traditional Owners in the north-west, the planning and implementation of archaeological investigations as part of numerous urban redevelopments in the Perth area, and the implementation of archaeological predictive models in the Peel region for Alcoa. He has designed and implemented assessment and excavation programmes in Perth, such as at the Western Australian Museum, North Perth Old Bottle Yard and Supreme Court Gardens in 2014 – 2015. Jim has worked particularly closely with Thalanyji Traditional Owners in the Pilbara and the Bilya Noongar traditional owners in the southwest on many heritage surveys and assessments.

With his comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in the field, Jim plays a lead role in designing Archae-aus projects. Jim has seen numerous complicated projects from start to finish, ensuring that the technical output fulfils all of the client’s requirements. Jim is also a maritime archaeologist and has recently completed an assessment of a ship wreck on the northwest coast. He is also involved in a multi-disciplinary research project managed by the University of Western Australia on Barrow Island, off the Northwest Australian coast since 2012; and is a Member of the Organising Committee for the International Congress on Underwater Archaeology, IKUWA6.


Nigel - FC edited
Nigel Bruer
Project Officer

Nigel has worked as an archaeologist since 2011 having completed a Bachelor of Archaeology and a Graduate Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management from Flinders University (SA). He is the current lead specialist for our FMG Christmas creek / Cloudbreak mine and exploration contracts. Prior to this, he was a key crew leader on the Roy Hill Iron Ore project and assisted in an extensive excavation programme, working alongside the Nyiyaparli traditional owners. He also has experience working on European heritage sites, having undertaken excavations as part of recent projects in Perth, such as the Western Australian Museum and the Old Bottle Yard projects. Nigel has also assisted a number of excavations in South Australia, in both urban and regional settings.

In addition to field work, Nigel is one of Archae-aus’ GIS officers and is experienced in developing and maintaining spatial datasets. He is also one of our key personnel for the development and presentation of our educational workshops. He is passionate about Archae-aus’ workshops addressing the objective of the national curriculum and providing an accessible and relevant source of information with an Australian focus. He has excellent logistical and communication skills that are put to good use liaising with schools, not-for-profit organisations and cross-cultural presenters. Nigel also has an interest in international cultural heritage law.

Ian Seah
Project Officer

Ian has been working as an archaeologist in WA since 2010 after achieving an honours degree in archaeology at the University of Western Australia. Over the last five years at Archae-aus he has worked on all of our major contracts, providing key support and assistance to our project leaders both in the office and in the field. He has extensive experience in survey and excavation throughout the south-west and north-west of Western Australia working with Aboriginal and European cultural heritage. Ian is skilled in using AutoCAD to digitise archaeological data, enabling our clients to integrate our work with their environmental and construction design layers. Ian also assists with data collation, creating GIS data bases and report writing in the office and has also worked in Archae-aus’ education branch teaching students about the archaeology of Australia.

Since 2013, Ian has been involved in a multinational and interdisciplinary research project – the Barrow Island Archaeology Project – managed by the University of Western Australia on Barrow Island, off WA’s northwest coast. Ian was part of the survey team for the project which involved the recording of some of the oldest known Aboriginal surface sites in Australia.

Monica Jimenez-Lozano
Office Coordinator

Monica has been working as an archaeologist in Western Australia for over 10 years following the completion of an honours degree from the University of Western Australia, which she finished with a double major in archaeology and Ancient History. Monica joined Archae-aus in 2005, working on surveys, site recordings, salvages and Section 18 consultations on major projects in the Pilbara, such as those for Chevron, BHP and Rio Tinto.

After a number of years in the field, she transferred to an Office Coordinator position and now has a primary role in the mentoring and development of Archae-aus staff. Monica is an integral member of the Archae-aus team and has been central in the development of operational and procedural standards for the company. She is the manager of all our post-excavation processes and has coordinated the fine-scale analysis of over 25 excavation projects, directing up to 10 staff in our laboratory.  Monica is also responsible for ensuring adherence to technical reporting requirements and has coordinated over 150 reports, involving extensive use of CAD and GIS software. In addition to these responsibilities, she is also overseeing the implementation of our education and training workshops.


Lucy Sinclair
Office Coordinator

Lucy has worked as an archaeologist since 2007, having completed her BA (Honours) degree at the University of Western Australia. She is a member of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists, Australian Archaeological Association and Society of Editors (WA). Lucy has been the lead specialist for Archae-aus on many projects in the northwest and Perth area, undertaking survey, assessment, excavation and salvage. Since 2011, Lucy has also assisted on field schools for a range of projects that focussed on assessing the cultural value and archaeological potential of historical architecture, maritime infrastructure, stone arrangements and rock art. She has participated in the cultural mapping and recording of Aboriginal and European archaeological sites, including at Middle Island, Cape Arid and Cape Le Grand, near Esperance WA with the Gabbi Kylie Foundation.

In addition to fieldwork, she is an Office Coordinator at Archae-aus. In this capacity, Lucy is responsible for the quality control of our technical reports as well as the project management for our education and training workshops, coordinating with our partner organisations and presenters. Her passion for education led her to present at the 2012 Symposium ‘Teaching Archaeology to Kids’ at the Big Dig in Sydney, with a paper entitled ‘Introducing kids to Australian archaeology: using active participation and narrative’. Lucy is a skilled graphic designer, and she puts her talents to use in the development of Archae?aus’ educational and outreach resources which has included the creation of animations such as those for our ‘Kakutungutanta to Warrie Outcamp – forty thousand years in Nyiyaparli Country’ project.


Bird, Caroline website photos use this
Dr Caroline Bird
Research Manager

Caroline joined Archae-aus as joint Research Manager in February 2013, after a varied career in archaeology and heritage. She has more than 30 years experience in archaeological field and laboratory research in the UK, Europe, Egypt and Australia, both in academia and the public sector, and on a wide range of sites and periods from the European Lower Palaeolithic to Australian historical archaeology.  Caroline studied at Cambridge University, the University of Western Australia and Deakin Univeristy. She has taught archaeology and cultural heritage to university students in Western Australia, Victoria and to TAFE students in Western Australia. Caroline developed and ran the Victoria Archaeological Survey’s site officer training programme and have been heavily involved in the development of school curriculum and support materials in Western Australia in Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies.

She is also a freelance writer, working mainly with an international team that has produced a range of books on archaeology aimed at the general public – Caroline has a particular interest in ways of communicating archaeology to a wider audience.

In her capacity as research manager at Archae-aus, Caroline has produced the community book for our ‘Kakutungutanta to Warrie Outcamp – forty thousand years in Nyiyaparli Country’ project and is currently compiling the archaeological monograph for publication.

JimRhoads photo for website
Dr Jim Rhoads
Research Manager

Dr Jim Rhoads career spans over 30 years in Papua New Guinea and Australian archaeology and anthropology, broken by 11 years’ service as a senior/executive manager with the Commonwealth and two State governments – specialising in policy development and review and strategic planning. His cultural heritage expertise was acquired as a consultant, academic, research and public administrator. Jim’s passion lies in the areas of cultural landscape archaeology and the use of survey sampling strategies and statistical analysis methodologies. His specialist skills include complex archaeological project design and management, archeological fieldwork training, project and report assessment/evaluation, public policy review and analysis.

At Archae-aus, Jim is a research manager for our ‘Kakutungutanta to Warrie Outcamp – forty thousand years in Nyiyaparli Country’ project (a federal and industry funded synthesis of our Chichester Range work), producing a range of academic publications including papers, and a monograph.


Stuart Rapley
Associate Archaeologist

Stuart worked with Archae-aus from 2002 to 2014 in the capacity of principal archaeologist as well as client service manager.  He has an honours degree in archaeology from the University of Western Australia and is currently studying museum curatorship.

He began his archaeological career in 2000 having established his own consulting firm specialising in historical archaeology. As a director of this firm, Stuart undertook and managed a number of historical surveys and excavations in and around the Perth metropolitan area until 2002 when he joined Archae-aus. Whilst at Archae-aus, Stuart coordinated the archaeological component of Fortescue Mineral Group’s heritage programme at Cloudbreak which involved aiding in the construction of heritage inductions for the wider mine staff, conducting numerous surveys, detailed recording and salvage programmes as well as excavating several rock shelters.