Archae-aus specialises in cultural heritage management and public education

We design and implement small to large scale heritage assessments, guide heritage management processes and deliver public education programs. We are adaptable and innovative, and we work with a diverse range of clients in different industries across Australia.

Cultural heritage management services

  • Expert advice on Aboriginal, historical and maritime heritage
  • Integrated consultation and stakeholder engagement
  • Desktop studies, due diligence studies and audits
  • Survey assessments
  • Monitoring assessments
  • Archaeological excavations
  • Approvals advice and implementation
  • Cultural awareness training and inductions
  • Educational and professional workshops
  • Production of educational material including film, posters, booklets and books on cultural heritage

Education and professional development services

Cultural heritage management organisations like Archae-aus play a pivotal role in promoting awareness and respect for Aboriginal culture and heritage. Archae-aus considers Aboriginal archaeological sites and cultural objects to play an important role in the preservation and promotion of cultural knowledge.

Our highly experienced and skilled team is dedicated to furthering cultural awareness by engaging the community through education, training and community-led projects:

  • We offer a range of educational and training services including bespoke incursions, excursions, presentations, workshops, posters, school activities, publication materials and videos
  • We design training programs and workshops for Traditional Owners and local communities
  • Our wide variety of printed, interactive and e-learning material means that anyone, anywhere, can access information about Australia‚Äôs past
  • We design and coordinate community projects, including application submission and acquittal for funding